I‘m back. Well, at least my body is back. My heart is still at the beach, enjoying the salty morning air, watching the sun rise, and wading out into the bay to get close to the dolphins as they swim by. I’m still watching my girls dance and sing and see their eyes light up in absolute wonder at every beautiful new treasure they discover. I’m still relishing all of the moments we had as a family-surrounded every day with the ones we love. Ahhhhhh…. It may take me a few days to come back fully from this amazing place of rest and regathering. It was wonderful and so needed, and I learned some new things about myself, the girls, and even reached new levels of communication with my wonderful hubby. I’m really asking God to help me implement some of the things we did while on vacation into our everyday lives. (I’ve got another post coming on that subject.) So, as promised, here are some of the highlights of this year’s trip!

  Every day, we would walk past these crab tunnels. The girls would crouch down and try to look inside and see the crab. He bit on a stick, but never came out. (perhaps he’s heard what twins do to small animals!)(smile)

Ok, so this is a pretty sad picture of what’s left of this cookie. I had to force myself to take a picture of it before I gobbled it all up and had nothing to show for it. What’s left is only maybe a fourth of what was once an extremely large, dense, soft, chewy, chocolate and pecan gourmet cookie from this incredible restaurant and catering business, Mosaic, in Mt. Pleasant. They have the most delicious fresh foods, and every single meal we’ve had there has been fantastic! I will admit though, we’ve gone in more than once just for the cookie. They’re that good.

  These next few pictures are of one of the coolest little shops/boutiques I’ve ever visited in my life; Out of Hand & Ooh! Events. They started with just a one-room store, and have expanded over the years and now occupy rooms and rooms of glorious treasures. They sell jewelry, clothes, shoes, stationary, fragrances, and also do weddings and large events. Everything has a vintage look and feel, and is always a “must-visit” for my sister and I every time we are in town.

  I’m going to end this post with some pictures of my most favorite thing we did while on our trip. Every morning we got up early (I was up at 5:58 one morning!) and got everyone dressed really quickly, grabbed a few granola bars, and walked the beach as a family-along with my mom and dad and sis and brother-in-law-to search for “treasures.” We called it our “Treasure Walk.” The girls (and us too) looked forward to it every morning, and God always helped us to find cool, new things each time. We saw dolphins in the bay, seashells, crabs, fish prints in the sand, and even found some “mermaid hair.” (green seaweed) (smile) Walking so much also helped the girls get a lot of energy out, so that was one more great thing about it!

My girls’ sweet little feet

Eva and Ellie with their “mermaid hair”

  Thank you, God, for vacations. (smile) 

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2 Responses to 2011 Family Beach Vacation Highlights and Picts

  1. I think the last picture is my absolute favorite- everyone looking at something different, yet so unified in enjoying God’s wonders – such a beautiful thing!

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